Kathleen Hanna

b. 12 November 1968


Kathleen Hanna, a New York–based musician and feminist, said of the origins of her 1990s punk band, Bikini Kill: ‘I wanted to make something that I wanted to hear that I wasn’t hearing.’ In doing so, she inspired thousands of women to become involved in the popular-music scene. Through the Riot Grrrl movement, she and her contemporaries challenged the male-dominated world of pop music by talking about their own lives and aspirations. Kathleen has continued her groundbreaking activities with her later bands — Le Tigre and The Julie Ruin — and by making art, and talking and writing about her ideas. 


Want to know more? Of course you do.

Read this interview with Kathleen, on Tavi Gevinson's website Rookie, which is a great introduction to what she's doing now.

Then get your hands on The Punk Singer,  a recent documentary film about Kathleen's life and role in the Riot Grrrl movement.